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Mat Boggs

“Samantha’s transformation from personal marital challenges to becoming a pioneering force in marriage coaching is truly inspiring! Her Inner Mosaic method offers profound insight into relationship dynamics. Samantha exemplifies how personal adversity can be a powerful catalyst for growth and deep empathy in the realm of marriage coaching.”

Jennifer Noblado

“Working with Samantha Kaaua has transformed my life and my marriage. Her Inner Mosaic method has helped me discover those pieces of me that made me the person I am today, and I have learned to give love to those parts of me I was ashamed of. Samantha is not only an exceptional coach who goes above and beyond, but also a relationship expert. Her willingness to share her personal journey has helped me see that I am not alone.”

Bryan Jordan

“Working with Samantha has changed my life. She helped me change my relationship with myself. I am much happier and more confident. I am driven and focused. While I still face ups and downs, just like everyone else, they don’t affect me as much as they did in the past. Things that would have gotten me down on myself seem to roll off my back much easier. Sam has an intuitive way of working, and she asks powerful questions that help you get to the root of how you are feeling. At the same time, her warmth and compassion make you feel very safe and comfortable. She has a knack for helping you bring out the superhero in yourself! I will be forever grateful for the way she has helped me shift my relationship with myself and for the peace and joy that has brought me. Because, ultimately, whether we are starting a business or seeking to improve our relationships with our loved ones, I believe happiness is what we are truly striving for, and that comes from within. Thank you, Sam! This was the most valuable gift I could have gotten!”

Rose Barr

“Working with my Marriage Mindshift coach, Samantha Kaaua, has been nothing short of transformative. Through her guidance in using her unique Inner Mosaic method, I’ve learned to lean into my own instincts and trust my judgment when it comes to navigating life’s intricate events. Before meeting Samantha, I often found myself relying heavily on what others say and do to make decisions. However, she helped me uncover the power within myself, encouraging me to trust my intuition and unique perspective. Her coaching style isn’t about dictating what I should do, but rather empowering me to tap into my inner wisdom. She has taught me to recognize the mosaic of experiences and beliefs that shape my worldview, allowing me to make choices aligned with my true self. Now, I approach life events with a newfound confidence, knowing that I have the ability to assess situations independently. I’m no longer swayed solely by external influences; instead, I trust in my own capabilities to gauge circumstances and make decisions that resonate with my authentic values. I’m immensely grateful for the guidance and encouragement provided by Samantha. Her approach has not only helped me navigate life more confidently but has also unlocked a sense of self-assurance that continues to positively impact every aspect of my life.”

Charlotte Kaneko

“I started working with Samantha because I was struggling with conflict resolution and communication in my marriage. Before connecting with Samantha, I had worked with different marriage counselors as well as individual therapy for five years. I still got stuck in negative patterns. Together with Samantha, I have transformed my marriage by learning to identify core issues and focus on personal growth and tools to make lasting change. From the powerful structure of our sessions to the support she provides outside our sessions, Samantha has helped me reconnect with my partner and regain a profound self-love and acceptance. I’m beyond grateful for my GEMMS journey. Thank you, Sam!”

Janette M.

“Working with Samantha has been such a wonderful and life-changing time in my life. Her Inner Mosaic method has helped me to visualize and understand the hidden obstacles affecting my relationship. She has offered amazing tools that have improved my emotional being and helped to transform my marriage and everyday life. Her compassion, knowledge, and special gifts have inspired me to share her teachings with my children. Samantha has made a positive and powerful change in my daily life.”

Claire Niibu-Akau

“Samantha is a gem! As my coach, she played a pivotal role in reshaping my life, guiding me from victimhood to becoming the captain of my own life. Under her mentorship, I’ve created a life I love. The impact of her Inner Mosaic teachings is evident in the positive transformations I’ve experienced, particularly in my relationships and in managing ‘triggers’—those negative reactions to various situations. As a Certified Inner Mosaic Coach myself, I’ve incorporated Sam’s teachings into my work with entrepreneur clients, utilizing them as a powerful tool to overcome obstacles and enhance their marketing.”

Amanda Youth

“Having worked in various settings alongside Samantha, I can attest to her unparalleled skills as a Marriage Mindshift coach. Her innovative Inner Mosaic method reflects her deep understanding of relationship dynamics while providing practical tools for clients. Samantha is a true leader in the field, inspiring both her clients and her peers.”

Chasidy Wright

“Talk about ‘Aha Moments’! You can feel the emotions change in your mind and body with Samantha’s Inner Mosaic method. As an advocate of self-love and a LMFT, I use this tool multiple times a week to support my clients and myself with emotional regulation and internal conflicts. Inner Mosaic is the most effective and unique tool I use to heal the relationship I have with myself and show up authentically with others.”

Christina Wright-Ah Sam

“One of the most impactful things I learned being a client of Samantha’s was that I could be the change agent in my marriage and relationships. The Inner Mosaic method opened my mind and my heart. I embraced a deeper level of compassion for myself and for those I am in relationship with.”my work with entrepreneur clients, utilizing them as a powerful tool to overcome obstacles and enhance their marketing.”

Edna A. Castillo

“This book is a must-read! It’s been my honor and privilege to witness Samantha Kaaua’s passion and unwavering commitment to serving women who’ve decided to stay in their marriages and transform their relationships. It is incredibly empowering for women to know it only takes one person to save their marriage. Samantha walks her talk. She’s not only applied these principles in her own life but also has helped hundreds of clients achieve success and live happy, healthy, and long-lasting marriages. Five stars hardly seem sufficient!”

Gordana Radić

“Samantha Kaaua is one of the most inspiring people I know. Her personal journey was not easy, but Samantha never gave up, always approaching life with positivity, faith, and the will to go forward no matter what. This strong self-emancipation experience, together with her empathy, intelligence, and professional skills is what I believe makes her an inspiring, transformational coach. I recommend Samantha’s book to everyone who needs help and support in their love life.”

Pati Hoyt

“Samantha is not just a regular coach; she is so much more that it is challenging even to put it into words. Sam’s Inner Mosaic modality is beyond a game-changer; it is actually a catalyst of major transformation in someone’s life. It helped me understand myself on a very deep level. None of the many modalities I studied before took me to this depth of transformation. It went into my core beliefs, the way I saw myself and the world. I can even consider this modality a lifestyle change—you can apply this modality in your daily life: at work, in your business, with friends, with family, and in romantic relationships. Samantha was pivotal during a very challenging moment in my marriage and in my business. I was able to transform my marriage and understand and overcome the personal blocks I had while I was trying to level-up my business. Inner Mosaic was such an incredibly important part of becoming who I am today that I decided to get certified as an Inner Mosaic Coach because I know it can help many other people in this world.”

Kathy Biggs

“Samantha‘s story is all our stories. We’ve all experienced betrayal, disappointment, and intense pain and have felt overwhelmed by our lives. Life can be hard, relationships can be hard, and learning how to overcome pain can be hard, until we find the right person to help guide us in our healing journey. The truth is, if we want anything of value, we have to be willing to do the hard work. Samantha’s done the hard work, and she’ll be there for you every step of the way. She’s put together a masterful book and created a phenomenal program to help all of us navigate the incredibly difficult times in our lives. She’ll totally show you the way to put your life back together more beautifully than you ever thought possible. There is hope, and there is help. Samantha Kaaua’s commitment to save as many marriages as possible comes from a pure heart with an incredible amount of experience and diverse training. Do yourself a favor and study this book. You’ll walk away with a deeper connection with yourself, and the confidence necessary to create healthy, meaningful, and loving relationships in your life. Be brave, and let the journey begin!”

Karie Cassell

“If I had to pick one word to describe the depths of Samantha Kaaua, it is love. Samantha is one of the most passionate transformational coaches I have had the privilege to work alongside. Her programs and teachings are both heartfelt and courageous. Samantha weaves her expertise into this fantastic book along with her programs. When you connect with Samantha, you can feel her care guiding you while you develop the ability to notice deep-rooted patterns that may be blocking your fullest potential. Samantha will help you unlock your authenticity while wrapping you in the very word that represents her—love.”

Patrick Snow

“As Samantha states, this book was ‘forged in the crucible of my own marriage.’ Let me tell you, as a married man, I know what she’s talking about—both the joys and the complications of trying to transform relationships. If anyone can help you rethink your relationship and get you from where you are to the type of relationship you seek, it is Samantha. No, actually it’s you. If you make the choice to change you, then you can transform your relationship, and Samantha will show you how.”

Candace McKim

“Samantha Kaaua’s Finding Beauty in Your Broken Pieces isn’t just a book—it’s an uplifting journey that reimagines relationships through her innovative Inner Mosaic method. With heartfelt storytelling and practical wisdom, Samantha guides us to uncover the beauty within our brokenness, offering a roadmap for healing and celebrating our unique stories. Her work isn’t confined to the pages; it’s a beacon of empowerment, reminding us that amid life’s challenges, our resilience and ability to thrive shine brightest.”

Tyler R. Tichelaar

“In an age when so many marriages end and many seem to choose divorce over the hard work of staying together, Samantha Kaaua offers a counter-culture approach for not only saving but transforming your marriage and other relationships. Her Inner Mosaic method is time-tested to work, not just by her many clients who sing her praises, but through her and her husband’s own trial-and-error and finally successful efforts. You will be impressed by Samantha’s honesty, you will benefit by her methods, and you will be grateful that Finding Your Beauty in Broken Pieces is a book you chose to read.”

Mariell Waltner

“Samantha Kaaua is the real deal. I’ve followed her journey for the last four years while admiring her navigational prowess. For anyone wanting to transform their relationships this book is a must read!”