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Inner Mosaic Coach Certification

Transform Lives with the Inner Mosaic Method 

Welcome to the journey of becoming a Certified Inner Mosaic Coach. This unique certification program is an open invitation to professionals in the coaching and therapeutic fields, as well as to individuals who seek a deep understanding of a groundbreaking approach that beautifully merges the complexities of human behavior with the art of personal acceptance and growth.

About the Inner Mosaic Method 

Developed by Samantha Kaaua, Inner Mosaic is a revolutionary approach that draws from the rich tapestry of systemic therapeutic models such as Bowenian, Attachment, and Internal Family Systems. However, it transcends these with its unique perspective that honors the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the self. At its heart, Inner Mosaic is about embracing every aspect of oneself, harnessing the full power of one's being, and forming a solid foundation for all healthy relationships.

The Certification Journey

The year-long Certified Inner Mosaic Coach program is more than a learning experience; it's an engaging practicum that immerses you in the intricacies of this innovative method. Through in-depth study and practical application, you'll gain the skills to guide clients through their internal landscapes with empathy and expertise. This process enables clients to build the self-trust that's essential for transformative relationships.

Beyond a Coaching Technique

This certification transcends traditional coaching methods. It positions you at the forefront of a movement that looks beyond the confines of past traumas and labels, stepping into a role where you facilitate profound and meaningful change. As a Certified Inner Mosaic Coach, you become an integral part of a community dedicated to a higher standard of practice. This community is rooted in compassion, innovation, and an in-depth understanding of the human spirit.

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Applications will be accepted until March 25, 2024.

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