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The Gift of Each Meaningful Moment Shared


A GEMM is someone who is self-actualized; who has learned to trust themself; and sees themself as whole and worthy. A GEMM knows that what is within them is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. They have realigned with their authentic self and has created trust and intimacy in their relationships like never before. This allows them to be their best self and share their gifts with the world!

About Samantha & The GEMMS

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Learn about The GEMMS's mission, core values, and get to know our Founder and CEO Samantha Kaaua. Also read more about the Inner Mosaic modality that Samantha created from her years of experience as a marriage therapist and life coach!

The GEMMS Coaching Programs

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Samantha is a world-leading authority and expert in healthy relationships. Check out the amazing coaching programs that she has created to help people create a life they truly love living!

Online Workshops & Events

The GEMMS with Samantha Kaaua hosts monthly online workshops and in-person retreats for individuals and couples around the world. Samantha also donates her time to speak at organizations to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams!

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"I would recommend Samantha to anyone and everyone who feels like they want to live a happier and more fulfilled life."

- Christina Greenup


"Samantha is a shining light in this uncertain world we are living in that is shining so bright she’s reaching the far edges of the Earth. She is passionate about her work and her commitment is beyond inspiring."

- Tanya Caba


"The world is in one of the biggest crises of our time and without Sam’s coaching, I would be going through this with stress rather than ease."

- Shelley Kasprik