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A GEMM is a woman who is self-actualized; who has learned to trust herself; and sees herself as whole and worthy. A GEMM knows that what is within her is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. She has realigned with her authentic self and has created trust and intimacy in her most intimate relationships like never before!

Testimonial 1

Samantha Kaaua and The Dream Builders program helped me find what my true life purpose is and now I am moving forward with my Soul Life Purpose and Mission of a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience and loving life more everyday.

Sandy D.



What I found is that many high-achieving and empowered women feel frustrated with their relationship results. A history of failed relationships leaves her feeling insecure and inadequate in her ability to find a faithful, trustworthy, and loving partner. 


What she really wants is to finally find her soul mate and live happily ever after. She no longer wants to live in fear and anger all the time. She knows that she needs to let go of the hurt and resentments within her in order to move forward but she’s scared. Each time she has let her guard down in the past, she got hurt. 


Although things may have gotten slightly better over time, she still finds herself in a relationship that leaves her going to bed most nights feeling absolutely crazy! She is now taking her frustrations of the past and present out on her current partner, finding every flaw that he has so she can finally build up the courage to leave. In order to alleviate the pain in her relationship she immures herself into the success she has built in her career.


But the thing is, she knows, deep down, that the problem lies within herself. Feeling intrinsically flawed and unworthy of love, she has led herself down a path of self-destruction. What she truly needs to do is reconnect with her Self, remember that she IS worthy of love, and that she has the power to change any outcome in her life by simply changing the way she sees the world! 

Samantha Kaaua


Eaton Square
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