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"It only takes one person to transform your relationship."
- Samantha Kaaua

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The Gift of Each Meaningful Moment Shared


A GEMM is someone who is self-actualized; she has learned to trust herself; and sees herself as whole and worthy. A GEMM knows that what is within her is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. She has realigned with her authentic self and has created trust and intimacy in her relationships like never before. This allows her to be her best self and share her gifts with the world!

Here's How I Can Help You:

Here's How I Can Help


Do I Stay or Do I Go Guide


Marriage Makeover Consultation



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Many women struggle with this daunting question in their marriage or long-term relationship; especially if they spent years feeling hurt, betrayed, and secretly crazy with their partner! If you resonate with this constant battle inside of yourself, then this FREE Guide is perfect for you! I will share 3 key questions to ask yourself BEFORE you decide to leave your relationship. These are the exact questions that I asked myself when I was on the brink of divorce too! 

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I am no stranger to being STUCK, especially when it came to my relationships! Once I learned how to completely transform my marriage by simply working (the right way) on me, I have been on a mission to help as many women as I possibly can, do the same. If you've been feeling completely stuck in your most meaningful relationship and want to know your next right steps, then this FREE Marriage Makeover Consultation is for you!

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One of the most common questions women ask me is, "Samantha, can you help ME transform my relationship by just working on myself?" And the answer is, YES! The quickest and most transformative way that I help my women is in my 6-month Inner Mosaic Program. You will be surrounded by other high-vibe women who have gone through similar challenges in their relationship and will have the guidance of expert coaches to help you become the Change Agent in ALL of your relationships!

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"I would recommend Samantha to anyone and everyone who feels like they want to live a happier and more fulfilled life."

- Christina Greenup


"Samantha is a shining light in this uncertain world we are living in that is shining so bright she’s reaching the far edges of the Earth. She is passionate about her work and her commitment is beyond inspiring."

- Tanya Caba


"The world is in one of the biggest crises of our time and without Sam’s coaching, I would be going through this with stress rather than ease."

- Shelley Kasprik

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