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A GEMM is a woman who is self-actualized; who has learned to trust herself; and sees herself as whole and worthy. A GEMM knows that what is within her is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition. She has realigned with her authentic self and has created trust and intimacy in her most intimate relationships like never before!

Testimonial 1

Samantha Kaaua and The Dream Builders program helped me find what my true life purpose is and now I am moving forward with my Soul Life Purpose and Mission of a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience and loving life more everyday.

Sandy D.



What I found is that many high-achieving women with strong family values feel insecure and inadequate as mothers and wives. They are frustrated with themselves for being stuck, lost and confused about who they are and how to “save” their family.

What they really want is to create a healthy and happy home to raise their children in; have loving, caring, and fun relationships; and ultimately live into their full potential. But they think the problem is their spouse not growing or changing with them and their own flaws of being unorganized, short-tempered, or even just “a bad mom.”

Instead of getting better things have been getting worse despite all of their effort to work on themselves and their relationships. So they end up immersing themselves in self-development programs, self-help relationship books, spirituality and some even go to therapy thinking that if their partner would just help out more or if they could just figure out what they were doing “wrong” then things would improve. 

But the real problem is their low self-esteem and self-worth. What they need to do is develop an empowered mindset to increase their self-image and learn a few foundational tools to improve the way they interact with the world and more importantly how they interact with and love themselves.

Samantha Kaaua


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