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Inner MosaicTM

What is Inner MosaicTM?

A theoretical model & modality created by Samantha Kaaua to help individuals better understand all parts of self and to overcome their greatest fears and challenges. This innovative approach helps to deepen one's practice of self-acceptance and self-love and improve their results in all areas of life!

A Message From Our Founder & CEO

I developed the Inner Mosaic method through my experiences as a Substance Abuse Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. At the heart of this journey called life, we find a simple yet profound truth: People often struggle with self-love and self-trust.

Throughout my career, I have explored numerous techniques to cultivate self-love and trust, from affirmations to self-care activities and setting healthy boundaries. But in my personal and professional journey, I quickly realized something vital was missing.

You see, common self-improvement practices didn't quite resonate with me. Affirmations felt empty, skincare routines amplified my inner critic, and strict boundaries only resulted in feelings of isolation. My search for answers led me through therapy, intensive trainings, and countless personal and spiritual development books.

And then, it hit me.

Each of us comprises different facets of 'self', emerging in response to various life experiences. These aspects of self, formed in moments of intense emotion, become an integral part of our being. They are our constant companions, whether we welcome them or not.

In the beginning, I called this exploration 'shadow work,' focusing on the hidden parts of ourselves we're ashamed to reveal. But as I delved deeper and began sharing this concept with others, I understood we weren't merely addressing the hidden parts – we were acknowledging and embracing ALL parts of self.

Thus, the Inner Mosaic method was born.

The term 'mosaic' refers to a harmonious image crafted from various small, colored fragments of hard material. Each person, I believe, carries within them a beautiful Inner Mosaic - a composite of life's impressions and imprints that forms their unique masterpiece.

The Inner Mosaic method guides you to uncover every piece of your self-mosaic, even those that seem daunting or intimidating. With this approach, you don't need to memorize affirmations, impose new self-care routines, or set rigid boundaries. Instead, you learn to trust and love every aspect of yourself – a natural progression towards genuine self-love.

Join me, and let's together discover the beauty and potential of your Inner Mosaic.

with love,

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