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The GEMMS   
with Samantha Kaaua


Want to learn more about The GEMMS and how Samantha brought this amazing business to life?

Check out our Mission, Vision, Core Values, Core Beliefs and so much more below

Image by Shelby Deeter

The GEMMS   Mission


Samantha is on a mission to help restore TRUST and FAITH in the world. Through her own personal challenges in her marriage, Samantha has found an innovative way to help transform the culture of relationships. Click the button below to learn more about the story behind this amazing mission. 

The GEMMS   Vision


The GEMMS's vision is to elevate the world's spiritual awareness through helping people improving their relationships. The GEMMS was founded in 2019 by a marriage therapist who wanted to prove that "it only takes one person to transform a relationship" and that all suffering can be healed through learning how to love all parts of self. 

Image by Joshua Earle
Image by Sean Stratton

The GEMMS   Core Values


  • Love - is our guiding compass in every aspect of life.

  • Honesty - builds trust in our self and others.

  • Transparency - creates space for intimacy and vulnerability.

  • Integrity - honors our humanness and teaches us grace.

  • Fun - is essential and an expression of spirits true essence. 

  • Family - is our chosen circle of love and who lifts each other up.

The GEMMS   Core Beliefs


At The GEMMS we believe:

  • Anything and everything is possible

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience - which means that what's within us is greater than any circumstance, situation or condition

  • We are all connected by infinite intelligence, spirit, God, Oneness, the Universe, etc.

  • Your results are a perfect reflection of your inner beliefs about yourself and the world around you

  • We each have different parts of our self and in order to truly love your whole self, each part of you needs to be acknowledged, embraced and fully trusted

  • There are gifts in every experience we have if we choose to look for them

  • In bringing joy, laughter and fun into every aspect of our life

  • In eternal growth and expansion - we choose to continue to transcend with each new awareness

  • It only takes one person to transform you relationship or marriage!

If you want to learn more about our beliefs at The GEMMS click the button below and read about Samantha's Inner Mosaic model that she uses to help her clients achieve amazing results in their lives!

Image by Greg Rakozy
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