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A 6-month coaching program that will help you get the jump start you need to begin creating a life you absolutely love. The foundational teachings in this program will support you in gaining a deeper understanding and relationship with your Self and everyone around you!

What is this program about?

  • The Inner Mosaic program is meant to support any individual who is longing for different results in their life. This program has helped people to improve their closest relationship, breakthrough decade-long blocks, finally pursue their passion and purpose, and so much more. Learning how to embrace your Inner Mosaic will allow you to unlock your greatest potential and create amazing results in all areas of your life. This is a foundational program to help you learn the basics of transformation.

What do I receive from this program?

  • This program is designed to give you the highest quality and quantify of support. Samantha will guide you through a 12-week curriculum during the first 3 months of your program. This will help you increase your awareness and align with your highest truths. You will also receive private coaching with one of our Inner Mosaic coaches twice a moth for the entire 6 months of your program. This will provide the intimate and private space for your to process more personal topics with your personal coach. Samantha will also host group Q&A mastermind calls once a month for those looking for some laser coaching with Sam and an opportunity to learn from other people's questions. Finally, you will receive a wisdom library in the mail containing all the recommended books we have selected to best support you through your program. 

Who is this program for?

  • As I mentioned earlier, this is a hybrid program. This is an introductory, yet highly impactful, program to help those who are looking to "try coaching out." For the more experienced and knowledge hungry individuals in the world, I would highly recommend The GEMMS Masterclass or The GEMMS VIP Program depending on your desires and needs. And for those of you who are looking for more spiritual guidance I would recommend The GEMMS Spiritual Mentorship Program. 

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