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I have created a formula to help my fellow coaches design a plan of action for their next business launch! This is the formula I used to generate $20k in 1 week and also walk my VIP clients through to help them create quantum results!

"First of all, thank you so much Samantha, for such an impactful session yesterday, the connection between the numbers and my feelings, and the awareness of the truth that my logic side and spiritual side are all together and I am so in peace and love with my August vision! And the feeling of momentum that is coming from within myself is so beautiful"

- Lin Yuan-Su, Success Coach

What is a strategic planning session?

  • One of Samantha's gifts is to help other coaches connect their vision with a tangible goal that they would love to achieve. A strategic planning session is exactly that, Samantha will help you create a wonderful launch plan to create results that you would absolutely love in your business and life!

What is this session about?

  • This is a ONE TIME session. This is NOT A PROGRAM. Samantha simply loves to help guide fellow coaches through this process. It is simply to help coaches who are already established to create a plan of action to take their business to the next level.

Who is this session for?

  • This program is for a coach who is already set in the programs they teach, know their ideal client avatar, and has a beautiful vision for what they want to accomplish in their business. This is NOT A COACHING PROGRAM and in no way do I recommend this to coaches who are not invested in their own coaches or coaching certification program.  Another option for those of you who are coaches but need much more support in bringing their business to life,  I would recommend  The GEMMS VIP Program. For those of you who are looking for more personalized spiritual guidance I would recommend The GEMMS Spiritual Mentorship Program or The GEMMS Masterclass. And lastly, if you are fairly new to the personal- and spiritual-development realm, then I would highly recommend you to start with The GEMMS Inner Mosaic Program.

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