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During her darkest hour, Samantha embarked on a spiritual journey and discovered a love for the metaphysical world. It is one of Samantha's gifts to help guide those who have spiritual gifts to help others identify their spiritual truths and learn how to tap into their greatest power - their higher Self!

What is a spiritual mentorship program?

  • As we mentioned above, one of Samantha's gifts is to help individuals identify and understand their spiritual truths. A spiritual mentorship program is a very intimate and customized journey depending on the person's needs and desires. The purpose of this mentorship is to help develop a deeper connection to source energy and remove the fear that tends to come with the gifts.


What is this program about?

  • This is a highly customized program. There is no program that looks the same. It truly depends on the needs of the person. I would be doing more harm than good to try to explain what this program is about without speaking with you personally first. 

Who is this program for?

  • This program is for those who have been identified as gifted, weird, or strange. In other words, as a child it is likely you could see or hear things that others couldn't. Rather than encouraging you to explore those gifts, in fear they told you to stop it or that something is wrong with you. The reality is, we are all gifted in different ways - some have different sensory experiences than others. If you would love to learn more about the spiritual realm from a love-based perspective, you would be a perfect fit for this program. However, if you aren't as interested in developing your supernatural gifts, then other programs that you might want to consider is The GEMMS Inner Mosaic Program or The GEMMS Masterclass.  The GEMMS VIP Program could still be a good fit if you also want help in building your coaching business and breaking through relationship blocks that are holding you back from success.

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