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The Power of WILL

Do you find yourself frustrated and discouraged with your inability to create and maintain healthy habits?

Well, you certainly are not alone!

Many people find themselves setting New Year Resolutions, Mid-Year Recommitments, or any other time of year New Habit. And it would be wonderful if we all actually kept and maintained each of the new habits we all set out to create.

But the reality is, we don't! We may keep up with our new habit for a few days, a couple weeks, or even make it to a whole month, but our consistency fades until one day we find ourselves making another resolution for the exact same habit 6 months later!

Okay, now that I got you all depressed and even more defeated... here's the GOOD NEWS!

What most people don't share with you is that before you can create healthy habits you need to develop your Mental Faculty of WILL!

What?! You mean we've been going about setting new and healthy habits all wrong? YES you have!!! Well let me back it up a little bit and explain to you what a Mental Faculty is, let alone your WILL.

I first learned about these mental faculties through my personal mentor Mary Morrissey. I learned that we each have 6 Mental Faculties that include Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason & Perception. These are the faculties or gifts that separate the human species from others. Through the sharpening of these mental faculties, one is able to have more control over their human experiences.

Although complete control over your life isn't possible or even desired, there are areas that each of us would like more control in our lives, such as... creating new healthy habits that serve our dreams!

One of the main Mental Faculties that have changed my life is the Mental Faculty of WILL! This mental faculty is your ability to focus and command your mind to THINK, then FEEL, then DO what you want it to do. Because we all know that ultimately the only thing we have control over in this life is our SELF! And if we don't master the art of SELF control then we find this thing called human life to be very depressing, frustrating, and overwhelming. Ultimately, we feel like a victim to our circumstances and conditions.

So now that I really got your attention, let's talk about how to develop your WILL so you can finally start creating the healthy habits you have always wanted to create!

5 Steps To Develop Your WILL:

  1. IDENTIFY a Burning Desire - what are you longing for or discontent with in your life right now? Is it your finances? your job? your relationship? your inability to create a healthy habit? Now what would you love in your life instead?

  2. DECIDE for your Dream and make sure that it is a BURNING Desire that you are willing to go to any lengths (within your morals and values) to achieve your dream or goal.

  3. DECIDE that the only way you will ACHIEVE your Dream is to acquire the ABILITY to command yourself to think that which you need to think so you can do what you need to do to accomplish your goal or dream. (was that a little confusing? read #3 as many times as you need to until you understand what it says.)

  4. Get CURIOUS about what distracts you and causes you to lose your focus. IDENTIFY what helps you remain focused. (for me timing myself through tasks gave me the accountability I needed to stay focused on a task until it was completed. I also reminded myself that I could answer the text, return the phone call, or tend to my children after I was done with the 5-30 min habit I was trying to create. My mentor, Mary Morrissey, uses the candle flame activity to help her practice her mental faculty of Will.)

  5. Take ACTION! Try it on and try it out. You wont truly know what works for you until you try. And always BE KIND to yourself along the journey.

Please know that developing any and all of your Mental Faculties take commitment, practice, and patience. You will not get it overnight but if you keep at it, it will get easier!

But for now, know that you are one step closer to creating the healthy habits you need to create your dreams! AWARENESS is always the hardest step on the journey called life.

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