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Over the years of working as a Substance Abuse Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, I found that what people lacked most was self-love and self-trust. There were many ways that I learned how to teach self-love to myself and others that included affirmations, self-care activities, and setting healthy boundaries to name a few. However, both in my own personal and professional journey I saw that there was something missing. 

Positive affirmations didn't work for me, doing a skin care regimen only made my inner-critic louder, and setting healthy boundaries just made my life harder and created more distance with those I loved. So I looked for answers by going to therapy myself, attending trainings galore, and reading through all the personal and spiritual development books. Although I didn't find a single answer in all of those places, what I did come up was this:

We all have different parts of self that show up at different times in our lives. These different parts of self were created during impactful moments in our lives that was connected to strong emotions; good or bad. Once these parts, or personas, are created in us, they exist forever more whether we like them or not. 

When I first started working with parts, I called it shadow work. I looked at the parts of self that we hid from the world and didn't want anyone else to see; the parts we are ashamed of. However, as I continued to do my own work and shared my work with others, I realized that we weren't just dealing with the parts of self that we condemned, we were working with ALL parts of self! 

That is when the Inner Mosaic method was born. I love to help women to discover all the different parts of self in order to love and embrace every aspect of their Inner Mosaic. The term Mosaic means "a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass." I believe that each individual has a beautiful mosaic within themself; a masterpiece of life impressions and imprints.


In order to see the beautiful Inner Mosaic and reach your full potential, you must be willing to look at all the pieces even if they look dark and scary. I found that through my Inner Mosaic method, we no longer need to memorize positive affirmations, force ourselves to start any new self-care routines, or set rigid boundaries. We easily learn how to trust ALL parts of self and self-love becomes second nature.

If you would love to learn more about my Inner Mosaic method, I highly encourage you to book a complimentary call with me today!

with love and light, 

Samantha Kaaua


When I met Sam, I knew right away I wanted to work with her....

After meeting with her and hearing her story and paradigms, I felt like we would be well matched. I was knee deep in some pretty big professional growth that wasn’t in alignment with my highest priorities. I knew it and felt it, it was robbing my family and my relationship, but most importantly me, of my peace and ability to serve at my highest levels.

Sam held space for me to process what I needed to process, while holding me accountable to reframing my mindset into positives and affirmatives of what I wanted to create. She reminded me that I could only take responsibility for my thoughts, beliefs and actions. She helped me stay in alignment to my highest self while I made some of the hardest decisions of my professional career, decisions I knew I had to make, but was reluctant to make. Her continual support of finding the alignment and releasing situations out of an intention to seek the highest good for all, pushed me through the struggle faster. Now I have significantly less stress and am able to focus on my priorities. The world is in one of the biggest crises of our time and without Sam’s coaching, I would be going through this with stress rather than ease.

My biggest aha moment was when I realized exactly how I feel when I’m in my ideal state of exchange, so now I know that in order to produce at my highest level, serve at my highest level, I need to connect more to that feeling and those types of interaction. 


 Shelley Kasprik


Marriage Therapist / Relationship Coach

I love helping high-achieving empowered women have the relationship of her dreams! For far too long she has fallen short in the area of love and relationship despite her success in the other areas of her life. I have found a way to breakthrough the bonds of betrayal and live into my full-potential with the love of my life and I love helping other women do the same!


  • Kaiser High School

  • Kapiolani Community College - AA in Liberal Arts

  • University of Phoenix - BS in Psychology

  • Argosy University - MA in Marriage & Family Therapy


  • Marriage & Family Therapist – License # MFT - 586

  • Certified Life Mastery Consultant

  • Certified Angel Guide


Shelley K.

Yes- absolutely. Anyone who is

ready to grow. If you are growth minded, believe that you are the source and cause of your results (and limits) you would gain a lot from Samantha's coaching. 


Tanya C.

Sam is a shining light in this uncertain world we are living in that is shining so bright she’s reaching the far edges of the Earth. She is passionate about her work and her commitment is beyond inspiring.


Christina G.

I would recommend Sam to anyone and who feels like they want to live a happier and more fulfilled life… It has been a huge psychic shift and I feel so grateful that my path led me to Sam and her guidance.


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