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A 12-month group coaching program to help you tap into your genius and begin creating quantum leap results. We will be studying the Laws of the Universe and learn how to master your mental faculties so you can truly begin to live your best life!

What is a masterclass?

  • The GEMMS Masterclass is a weekly call where Samantha and other high-vibe instructors teach you live in a group setting on Zoom. They will teach you the lesson of the week and assign you lifework to apply the teachings to your life in a very practical way.

What is this program about?

  • In this weekly masterclass,  you will learn how to access the Universal Laws that operate as reliably as electricity or gravity! Once someone learns that there are simple principles by which we all live, they are able to harness the power of the infinite to live an abundant life. They will also teach you how to use your six mental faculties to access their gifts and talents they are meant to share with the world. In many ways, this intimate, INVITATION ONLY group creates a warm welcoming atmosphere for high-vibe people to mastermind and connect.

Who is this program for?

  • This program is for the more experienced and knowledge hungry individuals in the world. Those who have gone on a spiritual journey or are open to explore spiritual principles would be great for this class. Also, those who want to take a deeper look at their 6 mental faculties and really master each faculty in their life. Another program that someone might want to consider is The GEMMS Masterclass PLUS or The GEMMS VIP Program depending on your desires and needs. 


"The first time I met Sam was virtually, yet even through my computer, I could feel her positive energy and instinctively knew that she would be able to help me to achieve my goals in an easy and beautiful way. I took a leap of faith and engaged with Sam and I am so grateful and happy that I did. She has helped me to really start working at my all of my goals and desires - the results are better than I could have imagined and in a shorter time frame too!  Sam is now and integral part of my team as I continue to grow both personally and professionally.  I would encourage anyone who is looking for a way to shift their mindset from hard to easy, to get a clearer vision of what they want, or to work to achieve their burning desires connect with Sam. I know she will be able to help you!"

- Keri Nishimura, Financial Advisor

"As I started the Masterclass program, for a short moment, I felt afraid.    In order to move forward I reminded myself to be open, and learn as much as I could.   When I found out one of her mentors is Mary Morrissey, I definitely knew I made the right decision to study with Samantha.  We receive the right people at the right time when we are open. Since starting class in April,  I have taken huge leaps towards my vision.  In four months I learned how to step into and live in my dream.  Learned how to live in gratitude each moment of my life..   My bonus was gaining new friendships and a tribe, who support each other.  We hold each other knowing we will accomplish all we would love..  Samantha helped me gain confidence and guided me in my new Virtual Admin Business."

- Danice Mah, Virtual Assistant

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