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As a licensed marriage therapist, Samantha loves to support couples through their darkest hour to create their marriage miracle. Samantha has  innovative approach to marriage coaching based on her personal experience of saving her own marriage. This is for highly-motivated couples ONLY. 

What is a marriage coaching program?

  • Similar to couples counseling, you will be working together as a couple to dig deeper into some of your challenges that you are facing in your relationship. However, what makes marriage coaching different from therapy, is the visioning process we go through together. It is important that we are not only pushed by our pain but that we are pulled by a vision. Most couples lack a shared vision and this could be the cause of much of the suffering in the relationship. 

What is this program about?

  • This program was designed to help couples create more intimacy and improve their communication with one another. The curriculum is highly customized to the couple in order to meet their most pressing needs first. Tools are shared with the couple as needed to use and implement throughout the week. Samantha does not believe in assigning homework to couples unless it is something they think of themselves. She will however, hold each of the partners accountable for what they said that will do before the next session. Overall, this program is about growing in love together. 

Who is this program for?

  • This program is FOR THE HIGHLY MOTIVATED COUPLE ONLY. What I mean by this, is if one partner doesn't want to be in coaching or counseling together, then it is likely not going to work OR may even get worse. Both partners must be willing to take part in marriage coaching in order for them to be successful in this process. If one partner is NOT interested, I would highly recommend The GEMMS Inner Mosaic program for the willing partner. If you read our Core Beliefs, you will know that we at The GEMMS believe that "it only takes one person to transform your relationship or marriage!" Another program that someone might want to consider is The GEMMS VIP Program depending on your desires and needs. For those of you who are looking for more personalized spiritual guidance I would recommend The GEMMS Spiritual Mentorship Program. And lastly, if you are much more interested in learning about the Universal Laws and your mental faculties, then The GEMMS Masterclass would be perfect for you!

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