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Be in the Flow

One Day Retreat

Private Makaha Valley Estate
*Saturday, April 8, 2023
9:30am - 7:30pm HST


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Are You Ready to Live a Life Filled With More Ease, Joy & Flow?

If you've been moving a mile a minute and feel like your burning the candle at both ends, you're not alone.

Despite increased awareness around the importance of mental and physical health, studies show that only 39% of men and 32% of women say they make time for self-care on a regular basis. And although it's been clinically proven that engaging in self-care can reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, most people tend not to take care of themselves because they feel it's "selfish" or "don't have enough time." 

The fact is, we can't afford NOT to take care of ourselves. That's exactly why Pati and Samantha created space for all of us to come together in a safe place where you can just BE.

BE without distractions from the outside world. BE with one's self. BE with other high-vibe people. BE in and with nature. BE who you truly are. BE loved and accepted by those around you. 

You are so worth it and you deserve to treat yourself to a day dedicated to you!

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Give Yourself The Gift of Fun, Freedom & Friendships!




A one-day event that will support you unlock your greatest potential, release your perfectionism, and embrace your inner genius.

Intuitive Painting & Inner Mosaic® 

Join us as we embark on an Intuitive Painting journey where you will tap into your inner wisdom through your mind - body - spirit connection and learn to be in the flow of life, love and happiness.

You will learn Samantha's proprietary Inner Mosaic® method to help you better understand all parts of self and to overcome your greatest fears and challenges. This approach helps to deepen your practice of self-acceptance and self-love and improve your results in all areas of life!

When you combine these two beautiful models, magic happens. 

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Pati Hoyt &

Samantha Kaaua

Pati Hoyt is a keynote speaker, certified Inner Mosaic® coach, intuitive life coach, Revelation Breathwork instructor and the host of The Art of Being podcast. She is most known for her signature Be In The Flow Retreat where she supports people in releasing their perfectionism, embracing their inner genius and unlocking their greatest potential. Pati is passionate about helping business owners to see, be, and feel the light inside of them and achieve even greater success in all areas of their life.

Samantha Kaaua is a #1 Amazon bestselling co-author, keynote speaker, certified Inner Mosaic® Coach, empowerment coach for married women and the founder of The GEMMS with Samantha Kaaua, an international coaching and training company. Using her proprietary Inner Mosaic® method, she helps women become their best selves while staying in and completely transforming their marriage. Samantha has been recognized as a leading expert on relationships and is on a mission to help restore trust and faith in the world! She is the co-host of the global Clarity Confidence Connection Summit where she interviewed and shared the stage with Jack Canfield. Samantha has also been featured on Fox, ABC, CBS and other international publications and podcasts, sharing her counter-culture views on relationships.

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What People Are Saying...

"I rarely take time to dedicate and entire day to myself and my personal development. This event was the perfect place to do it and it was structured in a way that really moved me through various emotions and caused me to reflect inwards. I gained new skills that I can bring with me into my life and made memories with new friends."

Staci W.

"The Be In The Flow retreat was exactly what I needed. I got to see how resistance show s up in my life, meet amazing high-vibe local businesses, and connect with individuals I am still connected with today. If you are looking for an event to realign with your greatest potential and see yourself differently, definitely come to this one!"

Chasidy W.
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Do you feel like something is holding you back from unlocking your greatest potential? But you just can't figure out what it is or why you keep stopping yourself from really living the life you'd love?

If so, then the Be in the Flow Retreat is definitely for you.

We'll help you unlock your greatest gifts through the power of creative expression and art. We will teach you Samantha's Inner Mosaic® method as a tool for transformation in every area of your life. And we will help you to activate your abundance codes by bringing you to the healing energies of the beautiful Makaha Valley. 

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There's only a limited number of spots. And they are going to go fast!

Limited Spots Available


  • Intuitive Painting Experience
  • Inner Mosaic® Experience
  • Access to High-Vibe Marketplace
  • Healthy snacks throughout the day
  • Gourmet vegan lunch
  • Artwork to take home to remember your transformation
  • Create new friendships with other like-minded souls
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